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Status of Cases

Mega Cases

1. Anubhav Group of Companies.

2. Ramesh Car Finance Corporation,

3. Fidelity Finance Ltd.,

4. GNS Nidhi Ltd & Devi Gold House,

5. RPS Benefit fund Ltd,

6. RBF Nidhi Ltd.,

7. Madras Motor Finance And Guarantee Company Ltd.,

8. Maxpro Marketers Private Ltd,

9. Orient Benefit Fund Ltd.,

10. Alwarpet  Benefit Fund  Ltd.,

11. Park Town Benefit Fund Ltd.,

12. Shoppers  Investments,

13. Dugar Finance India Ltd.,

14. Sowdambika Group of Firms.

15.  Suprabath Chits and Investments

16.  JBJ City Developers

17. City Limouzines India Ltd.

18. Gold Power Marketing Company

19. Rich India Marketing

20. Tycoon Empire International Ltd.,

21. Integrated Finance Company

22. Fine Future

23. Paramount Marketing Corp. Ltd.,

24. Aphro  Trust Ltd.,

25. Jenith Herbels

26. EMU Cases.

List of PT and UI Cases of EOW -II Hqr, Chennai